GFSI Certification

Inspire consumer confidence with GFSI, the gold standard in food safety.

Opening the doors to buyers everywhere

Devastating food safety issues in the 1990s prompted the establishment of the Global Food Safety Initiative to secure our global food supply. Today, GFSI is either mandatory or strongly preferred by many retailers and co packers. And it’s absolutely essential if you want to work with big brands. From choosing the right scheme and developing your food safety manual to preparing you for the audit, we help you get certified.



Get one certificate, accepted everywhere

Historically, food manufacturers had 15-20 audits per year — a huge financial burden. A GFSI certificate indicates your compliance through one globally recognized and accepted scheme.


Minimize risk for everyone

Your buyers have a brand and consumers to protect. GFSI certification gives them peace of mind that you have a comprehensive food safety program that controls your production process.


Grow your business

If you want to compete as a national or global food supplier, a GFSI certification is a must. It’s not only the gateway to new business, but it streamlines your processes to boost performance.

Global Food Safety Consultants got us GFSI certified. They delivered on everything they said they would and managed the entire process from start to finish, we could not be happier

— Daniel Tran, Owner Always Green/LT Farms

Who Needs GFSI Certification




Food Processors and Manufacturers


Fresh Produce Handlers


Packaging Manufacturers


Food and Packaging Storage Facilities

Global Food Consultants is your GFSI Consulting Partner

GFSI certification is a time-consuming and complex process. And it should be placed in the capable hands of an experienced GFSI consultant. We’ve successfully completed certifications for food suppliers because we take the time to get it right.


Develop your Food Safety Manual

30 - 90 days

This involves a formalized record of your procedures, policies, hazard analysis, verification activities and validation record.


Conduct an Internal Audit

90+ days

A preaudit assessment is recommended to identify gaps in your Food Safety Program against your chosen GFSI food safety scheme.


Schedule your GFSI Audit

1-3 days

The 3rd party auditor will tour your facility, interview employees and review all food safety documentations, forms, logs, and policies.


Obtain your GFSI Certificate

15 - 45 days

If the auditor provides corrective actions, you’ll have 30 days to resolve them. Once you pass, the GFSI certification body will issue your certificate.


Get Recertified Annually

GFSI certification is not a one time deal. Your certificate will expire in 12 months and you’ll need annual recertification that ensures you’re compliant.

The 5 Key Elements of the GFSI Certification

Assure buyers and consumers that your business has the right food safety processes in place.


Food Safety Management System

Policies and procedures that are implemented to establish roles and responsibilities for the safe handling of food. A food safety policy is displayed in a location for all employees to read.


Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) or Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP)

GAPs ensure a safe growing and handling environment for raw agricultural products. GMPs ensure the safe production of food from receipt of ingredients to final packaging and labeling.


Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point (HACCP)

A HACCP Plan is a scientifically valid (and internationally recognized) plan that identifies, evaluates, controls and monitors, chemical, biological and physical hazards to food.

Prerequisite Programs

These food safety programs support the HACCP plan and include cleaning and sanitation, pest control, supplier management, environmental monitoring, etc.


General Requirements

All GFSI schemes contain parameters for corrective actions, traceability, and the ability to recall your product from the marketplace in the event an adverse food safety issue occurs.

The GFSI Certification process should be handled by professionals.

Trust Global Food Safety Consultants to get it done right.

Select the right GFSI Scheme

Choosing the wrong GFSI-recognized scheme can result in lost time and resources. We evaluate your requirements, audit frequency and duration, audit criteria, commodity, and food safety experience to select the scheme that matches your business needs.


For the production and packing of fresh or minimally processed foods, it’s ideal for operations involved in the growing, harvesting, packing and light processing of food for humans.

British Retail Consortium (BRC)

Preferred by companies in the EU and recognized in 100+ countries, it can be applied to all types of food including manufactured and processed.

Safe Quality Food (SQF)

Widely accepted by suppliers interested in purchasing food, it offers levels of food safety certification that range in difficulty.

Global Good Agricultural Practices (GAP)

Promoting food safety and sustainability in agriculture, audits can take multiple days and generally occur once a year.

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