Secure your food operation’s regulatory compliance with a solid HACCP Plan

Prioritizing food safety will ensure your business survives and thrives. We write and implement HACCP Plans that satisfy inspectors and surpass customer expectations.

Making an HACCP Plan

HACCP, or Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points, is a plan for addressing hazards in food businesses.

The Hazard Analysis portion involves identifying chemical and physical food hazards associated with your company.

Critical Control Points address the identified biological, chemical, and physical hazards associated with your food.

Our clients achieve HACCP certification by completing a 2-day accredited course which teaches principles of HACCP.

After finishing the course, they build a plan for their organization.

Help with HACCP

GFSC can create an HACCP plan for your organization if you prefer.

In this process, we'll meet with you to discuss your product or service, your process, and your facility.

After analyzing this information, our trained experts will write a plan tailored for your organization's needs, send it to you as an electronic document, and provide training on included tasks you'll need to complete.

The cost depends on how many products or services you offer, the amount of steps in your production process, and the complexity of the commodity.

Our HACCP plans are usully ready in 2 – 6 weeks, depending on the complexity of your system.

Why Is An HAACP Or Food Safety Plan Essential?

The Food Safety Modernization Act of 2011 grants the FDA the ability to inspect, warn, fine, recall product, and shut down any food business that isn't in regulatory compliance. Organizations that don't comply may be shuttered at any time, and because an HACCP plan may take a few weeks to produce, that could lead to being out of production for some time. Additionally, the HACCP helps to ensure you're producting safe food for your consumers and safeguarding your brand's integrity.

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