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When you’re ready to grow your food business, GFSI Certification is your ticket to a national — or global, market. We take you through each step of the process.

What is GFSI Certification and why does your
food business need it?

GFSI is an industry-based, globally recognized organization that serves as an authority on food safety initiatives. GFSI certification is a globally recognized, risk-based food safety standard designed to help food businesses keep their food supply safe. When scheme owners are benchmarked and approved by GFSI, they receive guidelines on how to achieve GFSI certification, which results in a single certificate accepted worldwide.

The steps in the process proceed as follows:

Build and Integrate a GFSI-Recognized Food Safety Program

Conduct a Preaudit Assessment to Identify Gaps in your Food Safety Program

Conduct 3rd Party Food Safety audit with a Qualified GFSI Certification Body

Obtain GFSI-Recognized Accreditation

Ongoing Recertification Audit

GFSC knows that keeping costs low is always a concern in any business, so we work to provide the most value for your money. Training expenses may include required courses, development of a Food Safety Manual, and auditing. The actual cost depends on several factors, including the size of your organization and how much training is needed. However, these costs are always much lower than the expense of a food safety crisis or a lack of trust from your customers.

Time is an expense in itself, and by seeking GFSI certification, you can save yourself and your colleagues a great deal of it. Our experts will build the program, train staff, and implement your food safety program company wide. This expedites the process and gives you peace of mind on audit day, while allowing you to focus on the daily tasks of running your business. However, it is expected that you and the other executives at the top of your organization commit to the program, setting an example for others who work with you. Everyone will be expected to complete forms and training as necessary.

Choosing A GFSI Standard

There are several different options to choose from, and depending on the nature of your business, one or more may be necessary. If you're unsure which you might need, please contact us for a free consultation. We'll learn more about your business and make recommendations.


For the production and packing of fresh or minimally processed foods, PrimusGFS offers a scheme to obtain GFSI-recognized certification. PrimusGFS may be a good fit for operations involved in the growing, harvesting, packing and light processing of food for humans. It's also widely accepted by suppliers interested in purchasing fresh produce.


The British Retail Consortium or BRC certification is available for all types of food including manufactured and processed foods. BRC offers certification for food, packaging, storage facilities and consumer products. It's globally recognized and applied in more than one hundred countries. BRC is widely accepted across all sectors of the food supply-chain, however, BRC is preferred by companies in the EU.


Safe Quality Food or SQF code does more than just food safety. SQF can be used as a food safety and quality solution, offering levels of food safety certification that vary in difficulty. Two of the three standards are GFSI-recognized. SQF is widely accepted by suppliers interested in purchasing all food.

Global GAP

Global Good Agricultural Practices or GAP is a certification program that supports and promotes food safety and sustainability in agriculture.

Other Audits and GFSI Recognized Schemes

There are many other schemes that you could use to obtain GFSI certification. Outside of GFSI certification are standard food safety audits available for companies that are new to food safety or whose customers don't require GFSI-recognized certification. Standard food safety certification is obtainable and can be used as a tool to foster your approach to GFSI certification.

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